1. ESPA – Digital Convergence: “New Digital Services at the TEI of Athens : Services and Digital Educational Content for students with special needs and hard-of-hearing students.” Co-ordinator: C. Skourlas, https://pyles.teiath.gr
  2. ESPA – ARCHIMEDES III: “Secure retrieval and dissemination of Information (text and image) in Distributed and Wireless specific purpose environments (SECRET_DIDWE)”, 2012-2015. Co-ordinator: C. Skourlas, http://archimedes.teiath.gr/
  3. Education and Lifelong Learning - Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Project Transfer of Innovation: “DBTech VET”. The DBTech VET Project links VET and HE education together with working life in order to meet better the needs of labour market. Co-ordinator of the TEI of Athens research group: C. Skourlas, https://sites.google.com/site/dbtechvet/project
  4. ESPA    THALES:  “From Graph Theory to Matroids: Algorithmic Issues and Applications”, Individual participation: C. Skourlas, http://excellence.minedu.gov.gr/thales/el/thalesprojects/379437
  5. ESPA - THALES, “Pontus, Cappadocia, Aivali : in Search of Asia Minor Greek”, 2012-2015.  Co-ordinator A. Ralli, Co-ordinator of the TEI of Athens research group: E. Galiotou (http://excellence.minedu.gov.gr/thales/en/thalesprojects/380255,  http://amigre.upatras.gr
  6. ESPA- Digital Convergence:  “Development of the TEI of Athens Digital Library”, Co-orinator: D. Manessi. Individual participation: C. Skourlas, http://dlproject.library.teiath.gr/
  7. Information Society: “POLYTIMO: A system for processing, managing and providing access to the content of valuable historical books and handwritten manuscripts”. Co-ordinator of the TEI of Athens research group: E. Galiotou  (http://users.iit.demokritos.gr/~bgat/Projects.htm)
  8. ESPA-ARCHIMEDES I: “Parallel Content based Cross Language Information Retrieval - PA_CO_CLIR”. Co-ordinator: C. Skourlas.  (http://pserver-project.org/project/pacoclir)
  9. ESPA-ARCHIMEDES I: ”AS.PI.DA. – Development of methodologies and exploitation of techniques for the development of e-government environments,  assuring security, quality and interoperability”. Co-ordinator: I. Chalaris