The Laboratory aims at supporting and strengthening research and education in the scientific areas of Data, Information and Knowledge Management. More specifically, the main objectives of the laboratory are:

  1. Research and development of new methods and innovative applications in the framework of Information, Data and Knowledge Management.
  2. The development of research infrastructure
  3. The participation in national and European funded research projects
  4. Educational activities at a pre-graduate and graduate level
  5. Applications and services such as: Digitization and database production, organization of documentation and information services, design of data and knowledge based information systems, design of information retrieval systems, multimedia applications, design and development of dynamic web sites, design and development of linked data systems, applications in the areas of Smart Home/Smart City, electronic government, health, cultural heritage, e-learning, language technology, e-commerce, etc.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, the laboratory promotes collaboration with Ηigher Εducation establishments and research institutes, as well as university laboratories and research groups in Greece and abroad. In addition, it coordinates and participates in national and European funded research projects.